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Story of JIVANA

The nutritional value of food depends on the ingredients with which it is cooked. With the objective of retaining the purity and goodness of naturally-occurring ingredients, we at Jivana brought out our range of essential cooking ingredients.


Classic Sugar

Pure unadulterated sweetness of superior quality sugarcane reaches you as Jivana Classic Sugar. We understand that the right amount of sweetness is important. Our medium-sized sugar crystals guarantee that you get the right amount of sweetness each time.


Brown Sugar

Rich in minerals, our grainy golden brown sweetener, Jivana Brown Sugar is manufactured under an innovative process to ensure that we retain the inherent goodness of cane in this natural sugar.



Delicious and wholesome, Jivana Jaggery is made by clarifying thick sugarcane juice using lady finger extracts ensuring that the resulting product is chemical-free.


Sugarcane Juice

Our pure and natural sugarcane concentrate is 100% preservative-free and made from the finest quality cane. Versatile in use, it's a wholesome and healthy substitute for commonly used sweeteners.


Sea Salt

Harvested using sea water in salt pans by applying a natural solar evaporation method, Jivana Salt helps retain its required goodness. Iodised and rich in macro minerals like magnesium and calcium that are vital for health, it is a healthy alternative for chemically-processed alternatives.


Turmeric Powder

Manufactured from the finest turmeric plant with the highest curcumin level, Jivana Turmeric retains the goodness of the root through its automated processes and untouched-by-hand purity.

While we retain the promised purity and freshness throughout our manufacturing process, it’s essential for you to know that our gourmet quality ingredients are ethically-sourced and come from farms that use sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practises. A part of the Somaiya Group, we believe in fair trade and giving back to society. We work towards this goal by supporting generations with education, vocational guidance, medical support and job opportunities. We invest heavily in research and innovation to aid farmers and communities in adopting better and sustainable farming.

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