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When it comes to sweetness it has to be sugar. Jivana selects India's best produce of sugarcane, we mill it down to produce our crystal white diamonds of sugar which enlightens your day be it your regular tea or exquisite sweets for the festival’s you can count on us because we are quite keen when it comes to the production, processing, and packaging of our sugar.

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  • Description Jivana Classic Sugar: Sweetness with Purity and Quality! Our sulphur-free process guarantees consistent, sweetness with no dust or waste. Unlike most sugars with added sulphur, we invest in a chemical-free, sulphur-free refining process for healthier consumption. Experience the classic essence of quality and purity with Jivana's chemical-free sugar.
  • Weight 5kg
  • Shelf Life 24 Months
  • Package Bag
  • Ingredients Sugarcane
  • Storage Instruction Store in a cool & dry place. store away from moisture & sunlight. Once opened fill in an airtight jar.
  • Benefits Safe and Sulphur Free: Pure Unadulterated Sweetness: Automated hygienic packaging:. Optimum Size Sugar Crystals: White Sparkling Refined Sugar: No Dust, No Wastage:.Cane Grown Using Sustainable & Eco-friendly Agricultural Practices:

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    Energy 399.2 Kcal
    Carbohydrates 99.8g
    Fat Nil
    Protein Nil
    Cholesterol Nil

    At Jivana we assume responsibility towards your sweet tooth and we understand that sugar is the most commonly used ingredient in Indian cuisine. We keep it simple to store, sharp to taste and elegant to incorporate in any and every cuisine that may please your palate.

    Jivana provides sugar in all its goodness. It's pure, hygienic, and meets up all the necessary standards. Prepares with only the natural processes and additives. Jivana sugar is also sulfate-free, making it a perfect choice of sweetness.