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Jaggery is the best sweetener available in the market and thanks to Jivana’s initiative to keep it as natural as possible by using natural extracts for purification instead of chemicals.

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Jaggery - 950gm

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₹ 100


  • Description Jivana Jaggery: Natural & Chemical-free. Made from sugarcane juice by using ladyfinger extracts for purification. Very tasty. Works very well in making dishes/recipes.
  • Weight 950 gm
  • Shelf Life 24 Months
  • Package Bag
  • Ingredients Sugarcane
  • Storage Instruction Store in a cool & dry away from moisture & sunlight. Once opened fill in an airtight jar.





Specification Value Standard Value
Moisture,% by wt 8.6 Max 10
Total Ash, % by dry wt 1.2 Max 6
Acid Insoluble ash % by dry wt 0.3 Max 0.5
a. total sugars as invert sugar,% by dry wt 92.1 Min 90
b. As Sucrose, % by dry wt 71.9 Min 60
Extraneous matter insoluble in water, % by wt 0.2 Max 2

The exquisite sweetness of Jivana Jaggery is indeed unbeatable. Be it the routine tea or an exotic dessert of your choice, Jivana Jaggery is the healthiest alternative to your sweet dishes. At Jivana we do not add even a hint of any chemicals, instead, we use ladyfinger extracts for the jaggery purification process.

Whether your physicist has recommended Jaggery or you are just being health conscious, Jivana jaggery is the brand as we only rely on our freshly cultivated sugarcane produce. As a brand Jivana strives to pick and choose the nutrition in the farmlands and deliver it straight to your plate.