Gur Aur aate Ka Halwa - Jivana Recipes


Published on: October 20, 2022

Gur aur atte ka halwa is a sweet dessert with a pudding-like consistency. It is an easy to make dish that is beloved all over India.

Usually common as a breakfast or an evening snack, this halwa is also a highly sought after dish during auspicious festivals or religious rituals.

You can also have it as a quick dessert to consume after dinner. Halwa - poori, a classic dish in North India is a common combination that is consumed too.
This versatile, melt in your mouth dessert is loved by one and all.

Cooking Time

30 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Here is how you can prepare Gur aur Atte ka Halwa -

Making Gur aur Atte ka Halwa

Step 1
Take a kadhai. In it, heat half a cup of desi ghee. Take your cloves and put it in the ghee as it is tempering. Now add the wheat flour (atta) and semolina (sooji) to the kadhai. Stir fry this mixture till it turns to a nice golden brown and begins to exude a fragrant aroma. Note - make sure you roast the atta mixture on a medium to low flame to avoid getting all of it burnt.

Step 2
Add the 200 grams of Jivãna Jaggery to this mixture. Saute it for some time. As you do this, in another pan, take the equal parts of milk and water - 1 cup each. Add a few threads of saffron to this pan and boil all of it. When the wheat flour and semolina mixture has let out its fragrant aroma, add the boiled water and milk mixture to it carefully. Avoid getting burnt from the splutter of adding the mixture. Immediately start stirring the mixtures you combined.

Step 3
This is a crucial step as you need to continuously keep stirring to prevent any lumps from being formed. As you keep on mixing, the mixture will thicken. This will mean that the halwa is getting cooked well. Keep stirring till it is fully thickened and cooked. You will know this semi thick mixture is cooked when you see the ghee being let out from the sides of the halwa in the pan. Now, take the kadhai off the stove and let the hot halwa rest for some time.

Step 4
Top the halwa with a generous helping of shredded almonds and raisins to add a crunchy and flavourful texture to the soft halwa. Serve and eat when it is fresh and warm.

Serving : And there you have it! A nice warm plate of gur aur atte ka halwa is all you need. Whether it is spending time with your friends and family or maybe just by yourself, enjoying a quiet moment with a tasty dessert after a hearty meal.


Ingredients for the filling
Half a cup of desi ghee
4 - 5 cloves
200 grams of wheat flour(Atta)
Half a cup of semolina (sooji)
200 grams of Jivana Jaggery
1 cup of milk
1 cup of water
A few threads of saffron’
Shredded almonds and whole raisins for garnishing.