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Modak Recipe

Modak Recipe

Published on: October 10, 2022

Modak, the popular Indian sweet dish, is one of the most sought after items, especially during the Ganpati festival.

Originating from Maharashtra, this delicious prasad may seem intimidating, but is actually quite easy to prepare.

The sweet mixture of pure Jivana jaggery and coconut, steamed in a soft rice flour shell is irresistible.

Believed to be a favourite of the Hindu God Lord Ganesha, modaks can come in two styles - steamed or fried.

Steamed modaks are also known as Ukadiche Modak among the Maharashtrians.

Cooking Time

30 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Here is how you can make Ukadiche Modaks (steamed) in a few easy steps -

Making Ukadiche Modak

Before making the modaks, you first need to prepare the filling. So let us see step by step how it is made.

Step 1
Take a pan and heat it. Then, add 1 cup of grated coconut and 1 cup of Jivana jaggery, which you need to stir for 5 minutes. Add a pinch of nutmeg and a few threads of saffron and mix it well. Let this cook for another 5 minutes and set it aside after. Now that you have the filling prepared, it is now time to make the modak shells.

Step 2
Take a deep dish and in it boil the cup of water. Add the ghee to it. Now add a pinch of salt and a cup of rice flour in it. Mix all these elements well and cover the deep dish till the mixture is half cooked. Keep the mixture aside.

Step 3
Take a steel bowl. In the base of the bowl, spread some ghee and coat it well. While the flour mixture is still hot, place it in the steel bowl and knead it well into a dough.

Step 4
After kneading the dough, pull out a small amount and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball of dough and make sure you have a dent in the middle. Keep the edges thinner than the centre. Start shaping the edges into a flower pattern by pinching the edges using your thumb and forefinger, making as many pleats as you desire.
You can also use modak moulds in which you can press in the dough to get its desired shape.

Step 5
Later, take a spoonful of the coconut-jaggery mixture prepared earlier, put in the shaped dough and seal it. In a steaming basket, you can either grease the base or spread a muslin cloth. Place the modaks on the base of the steaming basket and steam them for 10 - 15 minutes. After it is fully cooked, take the modaks out and decorate them in any plate you wish to serve them in.

And there you have it! You can now offer Ukadiche Modak to Lord Ganesha during the auspicious days of the Ganpati festival and relish the mouth watering taste of this delicious prasad.


Ingredients for the filling
1 cup Jivana jaggery
1 cup grated coconut
One pinch of Nutmeg
A few threads of saffron
Ingredients for the Modak shells
2 teaspoons of Ghee
1 cup rice flour
One pinch of Nutmeg
A pinch of salt