Jaggery Sheera recipe
Jivana Rasgulla Recipe

Jaggery Sheera recipe

Semolina, sugar or jaggery, ghee, and water are used to make the dessert sheera. It is a typical Indian dessert that is frequently prepared for special occasions or as a prasad for gods.

To make the dish, semolina is first roasted in ghee until it turns golden brown. After that, boiling water, Jivana sugar or Jivana jaggery and ghee are then added to the roasted semolina, creating a thick and creamy combination. Typically, cardamom, saffron, or nutmeg are added to the meal to improve its flavor and scent.

Sheera is a basic dessert that can be made in just a few minutes. Additionally, it is a flexible recipe that can be tailored to individual preferences by including additional ingredients like dried fruits, coconut, or perhaps even mango puree.

Sheera is renowned for its creamy texture and rich, sweet flavor. People of all ages enjoy this dish, which is famous in India. It's typically offered as a dessert after meals, but it can also be eaten as a snack at any time of the day.

In summary, Sheera is an Indian dessert that has been a favorite for countless years. It is delightful and comforting. It is a popular option for both special events and everyday enjoyment due to its ease, adaptability, and delectable flavor. You can make this dish with either Jivana

Published on: March 09, 2023

Cooking Time

30 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Here are the Ingredients & Steps for making a Jaggery Sheera recipe -

Making Jaggery Sheera recipe JIVANA SUGAR:

Jaggery Sheera Recipe Online-
With a spoon, combine the jaggery and water in a small pan or container. Heat until jaggery dissolves over a low heat.
Assure that the jaggery syrup stays hot until utilized in the subsequent procedures and cover and set it aside.
In the meantime, toast the cashew nuts in 2 teaspoons of ghee until they turn golden.
With a slotted spoon, transfer the cooked cashews to a platter.
Sooji or semolina should be added to the remaining ghee and roasted on a low flame for three to four minutes, or until it faintly changes color.
The amount of semolina or sooji used will determine how long it takes to roast the sooji.
When it gets somewhat brownish and emits a nutty aroma, add the hot jaggery-water syrup quickly, being careful not to splash or burn yourself.
Mix thoroughly using a whisk or a light ladle.
Now add the remaining ghee and simmer it covered for two to three minutes.
Remove the lid, mix the fried nuts, and stir well.
Your sheera is now prepared for serving!

To serve sheera, follow these steps:
Scoop the desired amount of sheera into a serving bowl or plate.
Optional: Garnish with nuts such as almonds or pistachios and a sprinkle of saffron strands or cardamom powder.
Serve hot or warm, as per your preference.
Enjoy your delicious sheera!
Note: You can adjust the jaggery/sugar amount to your own liking.
Jivana Jaggery can be substituted with Jivana sugar bought online.


To make Jaggery Sheera:
Jaggery sheera ingredients (Here, 1 cup equals 80 ml)
Use three tablespoons of ghee (clarified butter).
Half a cup of semolina (rava or sooji).
One cup of Jivana jaggery or grated jaggery.
1.5 cups of water.
1/4 tsp. powdered cardamom.
1 teaspoon of cashew nuts.